The word Dawah generally means “calling people towards Allah”. This act is commonly thought of being limited to religious matters only, rather it is the complete package of advocating in favour of what is good. It includes both spiritual and secular instructions for the sake of the betterment of people. At Karimia Institute we are proud to be involved in dawah work through various mediums. Although it is a moral responsibility of any individual to spread the word of righteousness and try to stop others from unlawful activity, for a Muslim it is not only from an ethical point of view but also a must from a sacred standpoint.

At Karimia Institute we are at the forefront of interfaith dialogue, we’ve been engaged in this dialogue from the outset and through it we have formed great relationships with our neighbours and people of other faiths.

The Quran lays down a principle with regards to interfaith dialogue when it says “And co-operate in matters of righteousness and piety” (Maida: 2). There are many fields of activity where people of religion can work together for example: We can share spiritual guidance, reconnect humanity to their creator, develop God consciousness. We can promote the development of moral values in society at large. We can support the family institution; Rejuvenate traditional marriage, re-educate young about the rights of parents, tackle problems of divorce and domestic violence.

Revert Support
With many people converting (or reverting) to Islam every year, we have a duty to support our new Muslim brothers and sisters. For many brothers and sisters, being a Muslim revert is not easy. In the early stages, there will be many questions and changes in life. So, we have recruited a specialist Imam who teaches new Muslims, we arrange regular classes, gatherings, Eid parties, Iftars, provide resources as well as moral and spiritual guidance.

Masjid open day
We have been holding Masjid open days for several years now. The aim of the event is to welcome individuals of various backgrounds to learn more about Islam, all the while forging stronger connections between different communities. Mosques, like other community centres, are places of action and outreach, working for the good of the people and the area. They play an important role in our society and not just for Muslims.

On Visit My Mosque day, you can expect a warm welcome, insight into the workings of our mosque and a cup of tea and some cake. There is also a guided tour, a film about the community and an exhibition about the activities of the mosque. It’s a great opportunity to get to know people in your area, and to ask questions about Islam.

We have a range of publications and newsletters, digital and printed. Our publications are designed to get you closer to Allah and to learn key concepts of the Deen. We have developed an independent publishing house ‘Invitation Publishing’ that publishes general interest and children’s books on Islam. Inspired by our Islamic faith, we are committed to publishing relevant and authentic books. In today’s ever-changing world, we seek to enable Muslim spiritual, cultural, intellectual and creative expression in ways that are engaged and exciting, traditional and modern. Visit the bookstore to see the full range of our books.

Thought for Friday
We started our weekly ‘Thought for Friday’ email 5 years ago, which is a reminder of our duties, a source of new knowledge from Quran and Sunnah and an inspiration. Since then it has grown immensely, it now goes out weekly to over 20,000 people across the world. As Muslims it is imperative that we continuously learn the teachings of Islam and develop a deeper understanding that is a sure way of being guided and avoiding evil. Each week subscribers receive a topical email containing relevant articles to the time of year or in reaction to a global event.